Let me introduce myself

Hello friends and welcome to my world!

My name is Leo -on my socials I am also known as the Anxious History Teacher. I am 25 years old and currently living in the beautiful county of Worcestershire in the UK. Ever since I was 6 years old I have always wanted to be a teacher and after 5 years and 3 degrees later I have finally reached my dream. I have been working in education for three years now and I absolutely love my job, from September 2019 I will be working at this wonderful Independent School for Speical Educational Needs.

Apart from teaching I also have other passions as well such as; reading (Sophie Kinsella and Lynsay Sands are my favorite authors), I also love movies (especially Disney – I’ve always wanted to be Belle) and I am also obsessed with Star Wars – I have my own lightsaber, a drawer filled with Star Wars clothing as well as every Star Wars Build-A-Bear ever created.

But despite everything seeming like sunshine and rainbows – in reality its anything but. I have severe anxiety and I have panic attacks when in large crowds. My Mental Health at the moment has caused a huge breakdown for me, as a result I have lost my in-laws and their respect becuase in their eyes I’m nothing more than a selfish and obnoxious little girl and workwise, my previous empoyler has discriminated against me – forcing me to resign or be left fired as a result of my Mental Health

As a result I have decided to take action, I am no longer going to allow my anxiety and negative people rule my life, thereby I am creating this blog as a journey, a way to vent on my behalf about how I am tackling my Mental Health. I don’t have all the answers, nor am I a doctor, but if it helps me it could help you as well. I want to end the stigma surrounding Mental Health and I have officially become a Time To Change Champion 💪🏻 – if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or if you ever just want to chat please contact me, I don’t bite and I’m a good listener.

I hope you respect my story and know that sometimes its ok to not be ok.

Peace and Love to you all ❤

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