My Guilty Pleasures

Good Morning World ❤️

Eeeek! I have a meeting with my new school in half an hour and I’m 30 minutes early just sitting in my car like a lemon 🤣 so I figured I might as well post my latest blog!

So a Guilty Pleasure – everyone has one and if you are reading this and shaking your head you are lying 🤥 simple as! However there is one thing I don’t like about the term which is the word ‘guilty’ as it suggests that we have committed such a ridiculous crime and we need to be punished by keeping these pleasures a secret. I think it’s time to stand up and revolt and shout out to the world that we are proud of all the pleasures in our lives!

So I’m going to start this movement by telling all of you beautiful people 10 of my guilty pleasures that I am super proud of 🙌🏻💁🏻‍♀️

Number 1: Early Justin Bieber Music

I mean, c’mon! It’s fucking brilliant! Every time ‘Baby’ plays on my Spotify the sound is turned up and I’m dancing and singing at the top of my lungs.

Number 2: Boybands

I have an unnatural obsession of boybands, it’s like my hormones can not cope with their music and it needs to hear the music daily! It also helps that the members are always gorgeous! I legit love; Backstreet Boys, Nsysnc, Take That, A1, Five and even One Direction. I even had a poster of Niall Horan on my bedroom wall until I was about 20 #sorrynotsorry

Number 3: Boris Johnson

Hahahaha! I’m not even kidding on this one, I actually like Boris, I think he’s actually pretty smart and not the idiot most people think he actually is. I even read one of his books on Churchill during my Masters and it was fab! Also his Dad is a legend for going on I’m A Celebrity just saying!

Number 4: Wiping my nose on my pyjama shirts

Yep! No tissues needed, I collect it on my pyjama shirt like medals, yes I’m gross. Get over it!

Number 5: Reading Twilight FanFiction

Can’t help it, I love them. I’m reading one right now on a website dedicated to it on Seth Clearwater.

Number 6: Proper reality TV

Not the stupid stuff when people get paid to have sex and get drunk! More like shows called Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away and Paddington 24/7. I’m not a train addict, I just like watching the angry reactions of the public when a train is delayed – it’s like an Upper Class Jeremy Kyle.

Number 7: Not shaving my legs at Winter

As soon as November hits I’m in full on hibernation mode, having that extra layer is great when it’s 5am and minus 10 degrees outside when I’m going to work.

Number 8: Using my fiancé’s shower gel

I love the smell of Lynx and it’s only fair because he uses my expensive shampoo!

Number 9: I swear like a drunken sailor when I’m driving

Again not my fault that the majority of people don’t listen to or follow the Highway Code – yes White Van man I’m talking to you! Especially when you think it’s a great idea to tailgate me when I’m in the right hand land of the motorway 🤦‍♀️

Number 10: Clothes Shopping

Not my fault again when both Primark and Pep & Co sell it so cheaply! I packed 3 bags to stay away with my Mum over April and my wardrobe and chest of drawers are still filled to the brim.

So those are my Guilty Pleasures! What are yours? Leave a comment below ❤️

Until next time,

Peace and Love ❤️


  1. Haha I love this, mine is definitely not shaving my legs in winter and I struggle all year round to be honest 😂 Also game shows like The Chase and Tipping Point, I only ever watch them when I stay at my mum’s but we all get so involved!


  2. I can definitely relate to 7, 9 and 10. In relation to 9, just yesterday I had 3 idiot drivers. One of them was right on my bumper so I just slowed down to like 15 just to annoy him.


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