My Opinion on the Plus Size Label

Good Afternoon World ❤️

As someone who is of the larger size, I’m a UK size 16/18, I always get anxious when out clothes shopping because I just don’t feel comfortable walking around stores that are so clearly designed for those who are size 6/8 and alsoooo flat chested! I mean, what’s the point in even trying, not only am I of a larger clothes size, I also have two watermelons attached to my chest – not even wanted or anything, I was bloody born with them! It is safe to say I will never fit into smaller clothing unless I have my watermelons removed. But at the same time, is it fair for clothing brands to cater more for smaller sizes?

I don’t think I have ever really been skinny or anything, I’ve always had a bit more extra meat on my bones, I love my food and I’m not ashamed of that. But for me personally, what makes me so anxious is the looks I get from the shop workers who see my size, I’ve heard so many awful comments about my weight and what I really hate in particular is the lack of options for woman of a larger size.

For example, I was recently at my local shopping centre in my hometown of Reading and I absoloutely swear that the manniquins for women’s clothing have gotten smaller and smaller – I’m not talking child size here! And not only are these paraded about in the inside of the shops themselves, they are also on frontal display in the windows – like a big massive sign declaring NO FAT WOMEN WANTED! That’s how I honestly feel to be honest. I just feel that this is giving such a negative impression that the perfect woman is someone who has a pre-puberty body. How is this realistic?

When you do walk into these shops, the majority of the stock will be completely out of bounds to anyone who isn’t a size 10 + because those sizes apparently don’t exist. Instead you are forced into the smallest corner of the shop, where you have the smallest rail of clothing with the tiniest sign with the words ‘curvy’ or ‘plus size’. Stores like New Look and H & M in my opinion are the worst offenders – I’m not saying its like this in all of their stores or that all of their employees are like the ones I have had dealings with – but I have had very negative experiences with these two shops. For example, the lack of clothing options, I find the clothing the sizes are so way off the mark, one time in New Look I tried on a pair of size 16 jeans, wayyyy too small! Tried the size 18, again too small, it was the size 22 that fit me! No wonder I am so body conscious, one shop increased my dress size by FOUR sizes!!! What is even worse is the fact when you compare sizes, one shirt that was a size 14 was about £12, the exact same shirt with the exact same design in the supposed ‘plus size’ range was £4 more expensive. Like what the actual fuck! How can that be justified when the size itself is only 2 sizes different! Why on earth do fashion companies believe that its comletly fine to discriminate customers because of their size? What happened to the Equality Act Laws and Trading Standards? In actual fact, the only difference was about 4cm, so an extra £1 for each cm?

Its even worse when you walk into supposed designated ‘plus size’ stores like Bravissimo, Evans and Yours etc. when a simple t-shirt can ended up being at least three times the amount compared to the regular clothing stores. For example, a red checked shirt in Yours was £18, the exact same type of shirt in Primark: £6. WTF!!!!!!!! What is even worse is when you look at the label and its made in the same country and sometimes in the same factory – but that price difference is fucking disgusting. It honestly makes me hate my body even more.

I just feel like something needs to be done, you either provide more items in different sizes at the same price, I mean if a shop can sell a size 4 top being the same as size 14 – the same can be said with sizes 16, 18 etc. Also, do we really need a name to differentiate between normal accepted sizes and the bigger sizes. I mean, why can’t you just walk up to a random clothing rail in a shop without any derogatory named labels and headings to show that you are FAT and have to shop for the FAT clothing. The day that I can just walk in and not feel anxious from the looks, comments and labels, will be the day that I honestly feel that we have started to move away from trying to bring other people down. Lets just love ourselves and those around us instead.

What do you think? Leave a comment below ❤️

Until next time,

Peace and Love ❤️


  1. Hello! I am the same size as you, a 16/18. I can not give the “giiiirrrrllll” snap harder to this post! I absolutely agree with everything you have said in this post, and to add to it, because I’m border line between a 16 and 18, in shops such as new look I could put a size 16 jeans on and fit, but in H&M I can’t get them past my knees! There definitely needs to be more standardised sizing across all clothing brands, they are adding to the body confidence problem so many of us have!


    • I totally agree with you! It’s gotten to the point that jeans wise I’m sticking to jeggings unless I can find a decent pair 😂 it’s even worse as well cause I think oh I can fit into that size 16 top, no I bloody can’t cause I’ll have someone’s eye out with the watermelons 😭 xx


  2. This is a brilliant post! i’m a size 20 and it’s a bloody nightmare for exactly the reasons you’ve highlighted here!!


  3. I’m a size 18 and I hate shopping for clothes for this reason. I always find primark never has the good items in the plus sizes, they sell out so quickly. I currently use boohoo but that can be hit and miss


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