A love letter to myself

Hello World ❤

The only person you should truly love without doubt is yourself. That is the type of love that can never hurt you, disappoint you, or even leave you. True happiness and that feeling of being content is the result of truly loving yourself. How can you even begin the process of opening your heart and mind to another if you cannot even love yourself?

My blog today is going to be personal, I’ve decided to write a love letter to myself and I encourage others who are also reading this to do the same. We often forget about the amazing and great things we do in our lives because our minds are more likely to stay focused on the negativity thoughts that continue to haunt our dreams and aspirations.

Dear Leo,

I just want to say that you are bloody awesome.

You cook the best Italian meals like lasagne and carbonara and your toad in the hole with roast potatoes will go down in history.

You are so strong and brave, you also have the patience of a saint.

No matter what is going on in your own life, you always drop everything you do to help someone else in need.

You are selfless and kind, out of your own money you pay for student’s lunches, you pay for stationary and equipment, you pay for birthday cakes for your students without asking for anything in return.

You go without meals during your work hours just to spend time with the students who need you more over a lunch break sat alone in an empty classroom.

You are cautious and shy but when you open up your wit, sarcasm and laughter can fill entire buildings.

You love a good snapchat filter, especially the ones that turn you into a dog 😂😂😂

You would happily sacrifice everything you have just to make sure someone else was happy.

You have a brain like a sponge, you can soak up anything and everything into your own mind. You like to prove people wrong when it comes to your own intelligence, you definitely did that by achieving three university degrees especially when the odds were so highly against you.

You love hard. People in the past have taken advantage of the love you have for others, they have hurt and manipulated you. But that was never your fault, no matter what the nightmares say. You just care. ALOT.

You may not be the prettiest or skinniest girl in the world and when you take your glasses off you are pretty much blind, but on the inside you are one in a million.

Your mental health diagnosis of borderline personality disorder does not define the funny, kind, caring, optimistic, patient, clever and sarcastic person that likes to wear Disney pyjamas, has a shit load of cuddly toys and likes to binge watch reality tv whilst gorging on dominos pizza.

And no matter what anyone says, I love you for being you.

Love, Leo x


  1. This is such a lovely idea! Your letter to yourself really moved me, and it really made me wonder what I would write to myself. I have such low self-esteem that I think it would be hard to write myself a letter, but after reading your own letter to yourself, I think it might be worth it. The praise and love you give yourself was just beautiful and I wish it’s something everyone could give to themselves. ❤

    Emily | https://www.thatweirdgirllife.com


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