My ideal ‘ME’ time

Hello World ❤

Self care and self love are so fundamentally important when trying to look after your own mental state, sometimes it feels like having BPD is a curse that I’ll never escape from. That’s why when I’m having such negative thoughts and actions I attempt to replace the negative by doing something more positive by having ‘me time’. In my blog today I’m going to be sharing with you five different things I do or attempt to accomplish during my ideal ‘me time’ self care sessions. This is personal to me, that’s what self care is, the things I may write about may not actually be relevant to you the reader but perhaps you could take some inspiration for when you have your own ‘me time’.

1) self care box

This was a suggestion that was given to me when I used to do CBT therapy, to have a box filled with all of your favourite things. The reason? When you have a low mood and those negative thoughts appear you can use the self care box to distract your mind and emotions. The box is completely personal to who you are and the things you like or love, my box is covered in Disney princess stickers – I actually bought a plastic tub box from Home Bargains for about a pound so it doesn’t need to be expensive whatsoever, all about personal preference. Inside my box I have a few mini art and craft kits, chocolate and sweets, bottle of fiz (non-alcohol, don’t mix alcohol and anti-depressants kids!), a few stationary items, face masks, smelly candles and lastly hand cream. You can pretty much put anything into your box, the items don’t necessarily need to be temporary like sweets and chocolate, you can always add in photographs or jigsaw puzzles etc.

2) hand cream

Hand cream is a staple in my self care box, but I have a reason for why I use it. I self harm when I’m stressed, anxious or even when I’m in an emotionless state, sometimes I don’t even realise I’ve actually harmed myself until the next morning and my arms are in pain. Previously I’ve tried cutting my nails as short as possible but sometimes that just doesn’t work, but hand cream surprisingly does. When I feel as if I’m on the verge of losing control, I take the hand cream and my I squirt it onto my hands, I run the hand cream all over my hands as well as arms until I’ve managed to take my mind away from those negative thoughts. So far it has worked, will it work forever? I don’t know, what I do know is that I haven’t self harmed since August. I’m currently using the Creightons coca butter and also the coconut – these were less than £1 at Home Bargains and smell and feel lush!

3) movies

I love watching movies, especially relaxing on the sofa with my blanket and wearing my pyjamas. Currently my favourite thing to watch are those super cheesy romance Christmas movies, those Hallmark ones – LOVE THEM! I’ve even found a TV channel that airs Christmas movies 24/7. I am in literally heaven when it comes to ‘me time’. The past weekend I ended up watching ten movies! I just love the jolliness and holiday cheer and the obvious cheesy storylines, it makes me happy.

4) kfc

I feel still quite new to the KFC fandom, the first time I ever had a KFC was about 5 years ago, before that it would of been either McDonalds or Burger King. Anyone who knows me will know that I LOVE CHICKEN, so KFC has legit become my saviour. I feel as if the people in my local KFC know who I am, or perhaps just recognise my car cause of the amount of times I’ve used the Drive Thru since passing my drivers test last year. I always have the same order: a mighty bucket with a small popcorn chicken and a tango. Oh my gosh, I am so hungry right now just typing it. I love just getting my order, getting back onto my sofa with some salt and ketchup – sometimes gravy if I treat myself – with some trashy tv. That really is my perfect night if I’ve had a really bad day at work.

5) blogging / twitter

I am in awe of the Mental Health Twitter community, I feel as if we’ve all become this weird and dysfunctional little family. I do feel as if I spend more time speaking to you over anyone else (including my own family, doctor and psychiatrist), I love spending hours at a time on Twitter just chatting with you all about anything and everything. Many a time you’ve truly helped me during my darkest times and we’ve also shared so many highs together as well. Sometimes I wish that we could just all get together and hang out, but at the same time I wouldn’t want it to ruin this safety bubble we already have.

A second thing I love doing during my ‘me time’ is spending time drafting and working on my blog, I find it so refreshing to just off load all of my thoughts and opinions and I really do find it relaxing. I’m the type of person that does hold everything in, I still remember snide comments made towards me when I was in Year 3 by the token ‘mean girls’ of my year group. I keep all of these thoughts and opinions in, mainly negative because my mind hates swallowing up anything positive, until one little thing breaks my subconsciousness and I explode. In my twenty-sixth year I’ve come to realise that its not a healthy way to live. So by offloading everything onto my blog and pressing publish I do feel a sense of ease, as in those thoughts are no longer in my mind. Its a reason why I don’t draft on paper or word, I just type depending on what is going on inside my head – which is why my blog doesn’t follow trends or even has many followers or views, I just type by the heart and its starting to work. I still have moments, mainly when I’m lying awake at night in bed and the thoughts creep in, but the majority of the time if I have access to my phone and can get onto the WordPress app or even Twitter and just vent – I feel ok.

What do you like to do during your ‘me time’? Leave a comment below ❤

Until next time,

Peace and Love ❤


  1. For me, my ideal me time/self-care usually involves music. I like practicing guitar, and it’s very effective as a way for me to clear my head, or a way for me to express how I truly feel(many times for my job, I have to put on a fake smile)

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  2. These are such great tools to use, I especially love the self care box.

    In fact it’s given me some inspiration for some gifts for upcoming birthdays for people.

    KFC was my Mums favourite, I avoid these days but maybe I should go for her x

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  3. So glad to hear that you’re continuing to use your blog as a place to express yourself! Love the self-care box! Maybe add pics of some things/people you’re really grateful for.

    My self-care go-to is usually a mani/pedi at the salon + a can of Pringles for the ride home 😉 hahaha.

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