My top 5 tips to tackle coronavirus isolation

Good Morning World 💚

Coronavirus fever has swept across the world and the UK has finally caught up to the real dangers of how interaction with others can cause to the spreading of this deadly virus [apologizes for the bleakness] and now the British government is pushing for more self isolation and to only leave the house for the basics such as grocery shopping [if there is anything actually on the shelves and to go to the doctors / hospital] . Now we have millions of people stuck indoors, struggling to find ways to occupy our minds and physical health, to be able to educate our children during the closures and so forth. I’ll be honest, I’m on my third day of isolation and I am bored as hell so instead of focusing on the negatives of being stuck inside four walls for the foreseeable future, I have come up with my 5 Top Tips to tackle isolation, if you have any ideas as well make sure to leave a comment below so we can all help one another during this time.

1) Read a new book

When you are unable to leave the house sometimes its good to step away and delve headfirst into a fiction world away from home, a world of wonder, fantasy and romance. Reading books have become such a passion of mine in recent years and I don’t know if I would be able to handle being stuck in doors without some form of outlet. It is in these circumstances that I’m so grateful for shops like The Works who sell three books for £5 which means I genuinely have a stockpile of a load of books that I cannot wait to begin. Over the past few days I’ve read the Flat Share by Beth O’Leary and If I Never Met You by Mhairi McFarlane – both absolutely fantastic and I’ll be publishing my own reviews on both in the next few days, so make sure to stay tuned for them! Also, reading a book is also useful to keep the mind active and positive, something that is the upmost importance especially with regards to our mental health because even though I’m an introvert, this introvert still needs to have some sort of interaction with people and I do get cabin fever if I’m stuck inside for too long.

2) Share a positive message and gift

Something that I’ve seen over on Twitter lately are these threads of sharing Amazon wish-lists, there is absolutely no obligation, but the meaning behind them is to share a positive message during these dark times of isolation. For people who can’t go out to the shops, or who are struggling, just volunteering to make someone’s day is just incredible to me. And I am so grateful for those who have decided to buy me something on my wish-list, something that I have done and keep planning to do as well for others who have shown kindness. If you feel like taking a nosey at mine, here is the link. Also check out Cara Lisette on Twitter who started this stream of kindness and check out her wish-list as well.

Even without Amazon, individuals who are buying a little extra and gifting these items for their elderly neighbors or even the most vulnerable in our communities again is such a wonderful thing. During this time we should definitely focus our attentions on supporting and guiding others instead of focusing on selfish need. Even sending letters to people in care homes will lift spirits especially when family members are unable to attend due to the fear of spreading the virus, sometimes the little things are the most important.

3) Disney+

The UK finally gets Disney+ on Tuesday and I AM SO EXCITED!! There are so many films and TV shows that I finally get to watch and I’m absolutely buzzing!! I finally get to watch The Mandalorian and the High School Musical TV show, safe to say I will be spending a lot of my hours watching Disney+ and I’m not even sorry. You also have until the 23rd of March to buy a years subscription for £49.99 before the price increases.

4) Social Media

Yes in one sense social media has a dark and negative side, but it also has a positive message. Especially when you can’t leave your house sometimes it’s nice to know you can still communicate with others through the safety of your own self isolation with your phone, tablet or laptop etc. Due to these school closures I will be spending a lot more time using social media, spreading messages of love and support and even commentary on what I see or hear in the news and TV.

So if you are not already, make sure to check out and follow my socials because I always follow back:

5) Stay active

Not only should you stay mentally active, either with blogging, writing or reading – you can also use apps on your phone to download crosswords, puzzles and so forth. But you should also stay physically active, even if you are now unable to go the gym you can still use YouTube videos for meditation, yoga, thai chi, do core workouts OR even learn a new skill such as sewing, playing the piano or even to learn how to do DIY – fixing those things around the house that you still haven’t done despite proclaiming you would for months. So with that being said there is no excuse to not be active whilst stuck in isolation.

For those struggling with their Mental Health today 💚

So those are my 5 tips, what do you plan to do during your isolation? Let me know in the comments

Love, Leo x

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