How I honestly feel after my first week of isolation

Hello World 💙

Welcome back to my blog! If you haven’t already make sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and on Pinterest. In the United Kingdom we are currently on lock down as a result of the coronavirus with rules and guidelines that we as a country have to follow. These include only leaving the house for grocery shopping when necessary, going to work if you are considered a key worker or going on a walk or run as part of our daily exercise allowance. However, if you are at high risk: being over 75, pregnant and have underlying health issues you must be isolated for 12 weeks with ZERO face-to-face contact. So unlike others who can go for a walk or even to venture out to the supermarket, I have to stay indoors, I mean sure I can go out into the garden but its just not the same. As a result of having asthma I can no longer have any form of human contact with others, at the moment I live at home with my family, but if I was to diagnosed with COVID19 or them, I would have to be forced into my room or sent to hospital due to having severe asthma.

Last weekend, I was petrified to be honest, I was showing signs of the coronavirus, the dry cough and sore throat, luckily after a few days this passed, but because of this I refuse to take any other risks so being inside now is my only hope.

If you had asked me about spending all of my time indoors a few months or even a few years ago, I’d of probably been pretty happy to do so. I’m such an introvert, that most of the time I prefer just being left alone and in my own company. Now? It’s the opposite, I’m craving human contact, to be able to go out and wonder around a shopping centre or supermarket. But why am I feeling this? The only answer that I can come up with is the idea of having a choice, to be able to make my own decisions, to weigh up the pros and cons. Because this freedom has been taken away due to coronavirus and having asthma, I do genuinely feel like a stereotypical teenager who is in the midst of throwing a tantrum and rebelling against their parents.

So that’s me right now. A rebellious teenager.

The first few days of isolation, I was pretty content because I had signed up to Disney+ and had this huge bulk of movies television shows to watch but there is only so much Disney you can watch before it is too much. That felt horrible to type because I am such a huge Disney fan, but it is true, there is only so much Disney and Netflix you can watch until you just can no longer cope. That’s the stage I’m at – I love being able to spend a weekend just in my pyjamas, smelling like a rubbish tip and looking a right state, but I can’t do that for 12 weeks, just the thought of it makes me want to throw up.

So how am I going to tackle this?

One thing I am doing is a pamper self-care session in the evenings, this means before I go to bed, I spend an hour or so having a face mask and an eye mask and so forth. I’ve been doing this every day so far since the lockdown and I have seen a change in the texture and look of my skin, which is a huge positive! So perhaps by week twelve I’ll have no blackheads and acne and such!! I’ll have to leave the spots for Dr Pimple Popper instead.

A second thing I’m doing is that I’m planning to and also spending more time on my blog, for three months I kind of just let it go essentially, it wasn’t my primary focus. As a result, I lost a huge following and readership, I was used to hundreds of views and hits on a daily basis and now I’ll be luckily if I get double digits. So instead I’m giving my blog a much needed boost and TLC during this time, this will include daily postings during the week (with the potential of a break on the weekends to give me time to think of content and such), to continue to spread the word and promotion of my blog on my social pages – mainly Pinterest because I haven’t got a clue on what to do with it but I’m going to give it my best shot. My blog has truly been my life support in the last twelve months, it honestly feels like another limb that is attached to my body and soul, I’m genuinely lost without it.

A third thing I’m doing are activities – such as colouring, little arts and crafts pieces, cooking and baking, reading and also watching shows and movies on Disney +. So far this week, I’ve baked brownies and I’ve also read a book – of course I’ve also watched Disney!! Today I was also gifted some arts and crafts pieces as well as colouring books, so I’ll be spending some time on those in the following weeks. I’ve also found doing too much in one day just doesn’t work either and that its best to just spread out the activities as a means to have something to look forward to each day.

A fourth thing I’m doing is spending time on social media and mainly the idea of spreading corona kindness instead of the virus. There are so many people not just in my country but also across the world who are anxious, and even more physically isolated in comparison to me. So instead, I’m spending more of my time communicating with others on social media, reaching out to others who are also struggling and offering them a helping hand if and when needed. Something that I have truly fallen in love with is the Amazon Wish-list thread, where people post their wish-lists on Twitter and the online community gift others using the items listed. There is genuinely no obligation but the amount of posts I have seen from others who are so grateful and how the gifts have genuinely given them their spark back is just so lovely. My head is honestly so gobsmacked with the gifts I received, and I feel so lucky that others are showing so much love and kindness in such a dark and bleak world that we currently live in. I have been secretly surprising so many of my followers with gifts, I really don’t want the thanks and gratitude which is why I made the decision to not leave a personalised note – I kind of feel like I’m taking part in a huge game of Secret Santa and I love it. If you feel like playing, this is the link to my wish-list, make sure to leave yours in the comments below.

I really don’t know what our futures are going to be like – right now my future is based on being stuck within four walls, but I do this to stop the spreading of the coronavirus and for our NHS.

Love, Leo x


  1. These are brilliant ideas, hun! I also got Disney+ but I’m making myself a little schedule of what I’m going to watch! That way I don’t overwhelm myself. It looks like we’re going to be like this until June (at least social distancing) so feel free to teach me history! I never got the chance to it at GCSE! xD

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m an introvert as well but I’m used to getting out at least once a week. Being told I can’t do something when I’m stubborn as hell is difficult. However, I want everyone to be safe so I’m staying in my sanctuary.


  3. I am stuck at home with my 2 daughters and our dog, and I’m trying hard not to feel resentful. Just a couple of weeks’ ago I was out walking dogs for clients in the countryside, and now I can barely take my own dog for a walk. We live in a canal town in Cheshire so I did get him out properly yesterday, but I felt sad and tearful when we walked past the school gates. Anyway, it’s good to hear you are keeping your spirits up. We have lots of activities here, a large front and back garden to work in, lots of outdoor toys, lots of Lego, lots of books and lots of crafts. I’m sure we will survive this! 🙂


  4. Thank you for sharing! The isolation has been hard, I also have been advised to stay inside due to having a heart and lung defect, as well as asthma. These are great ideas!


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