My March 2020 Roundup

Hello World

Welcome back to my blog!


With being in isolation, for those who are unaware as a result of my asthma I’m considered to be of high risk to the coronavirus as a result I have to isolate away from face to face contact for 12 weeks. With that being said, and due to my BPD, I’ve made the decision to spend an hour a day, normally in the evenings, completely dedicated to self care by focusing on my skin. I’ve always loved a good face mask but I’ve never been great at being regular with taking the time and effort in looking after my skin. I mean, I’m twenty-six and I still have acne for goodness sake. So with being at home for the foreseeable, I figured this would be a good time as any to start a regular skincare routine. Each evening I go back and forth with the face masks / clay masks that I use – I’m no expert and I’m not claiming to be – but since starting this over ten days ago I have seen a rapid change in my skin!

My favorites for this month were actually gifted to me via my amazon wish-list so I’m super grateful for the individuals who gifted me these items, my skin says a massive THANK YOU. The first one I’ve been using is the L’Oreal Multi-Masking Playkit, this is a set of three mini clay masks that you can use together to fight different aspects of impurities on your skin. These masks claim to purify, detox and glow your skin and I’ll be honest, my skin has never felt or looked better to be honest. I use a brush to put the masks onto my skin, leave to dry for 15 minutes and use warm water to wipe it off – sidenote – do not use a white flannel to help take the masks off, it may stain! Safe to say, when I do run out, I will be buying more of this kit, it even includes three different mask tutorials for your skin that you can follow as well. I also think the mini-kit is great value for money because you don’t need to use that much of the mask at all! After 10 days each of my mini pots are still fully filled which is fab!

My second – and third – skin favorites for March are from the Garnier Skin Active range, the first being the Moisture Bomb Pomegranate Tissue Mask and the second being the Moisture Bomb Coconut Water & Hyaluronic Acid Eye Tissue Mask. I’ll be honest, for a long time I would often ignore tissue masks, just the thought of touching them, especially with how cold they were just wasn’t appealing to me. Yeah I was a bit of a snob for just using the peel masks. But I’m so glad I was wrong because I do feel more refreshed after using a tissue mask, especially with using the eye mask straight away afterwards. All I do is slink back onto the pillows of my bed, close my eyes, and take a little catnap whilst the nutrients of the masks do their thing. These were also gifted through amazon and I will definitely be buying more when I can or have my Mum go out to the shops for me to buy me some more!

Literature favorites

March has been a great month for my to catch up with my reading pile that seems to expand every time I blink! This month my two favorites have to be The Flat Share by Beth O’Leary and If I Never Met You by Mhairi McFarlane and if you love a proper romance novel with wide varieties of twists and turns and cliff hangers you should definitely check out these books! I’ve even done a review of The Flat Share on my blog and if you haven’t seen that yet, here is the link for it.

When it comes to If I Never Met You – I just haven’t got round to a review but in summary this book it about the life of Laurie who gets dumped by her boyfriend of 18 years, with the ex starting a new relationship and getting his new girlfriend within weeks of their separation. The novel sees Laurie coming to terms with the breakdown of her relationship by seeking revenge with her company’s ‘playboy’. There is a lot of pain when it comes to this novel and you do get to see how far Laurie comes as a person, like a coming of age sort of situation and when you see revenge turning to love, this novel turns into a great romance! I really loved this book, I loved it so much that I spent an entire day reading it, just seeing the romance blossom between Laurie and Jamie and Laurie becoming her own person was just incredibly empowering. I’ve even ordered more books by Mhairi McFarlane, let me know in the comments below if you want me to do a haul or future book reviews!


I’m obsessed with Funko Pops! I have so many now and I can’t help but buy more. Before the lockdown I would check out the ‘Toy Aisle’ in Asda to see what Funko’s they have, sometimes I’ll use Amazon, but I do love going to shops like Hawkins Bazaar to see their ranges. This month, my new Funko’s were: Nick from Big Mouth, Mufasa from the Lion King, Jasmine from Aladdin and Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter. Do you have any Funko Pops? Let me know in the comments what you have? I tend to stick to Disney ones to be honest.


Safe to say isolation is not fun whatsoever! But the only way that I’ve found to get through being at home is by trying to do a few activities a day, to try and make a plan in order to have something to look forward to. I mean, there is only so much Netflix and Disney+ you can stream on a daily basis to be honest, so I do find only watching a program for a couple of hours a day is fine. I’m also spending time doing coloring and arts and crafts, even baking and also blogging. Even though I can’t communicate face to face with people, by using the majority of my time on social media I can use these to talk with others, which has been a great source of relief and happiness during these bleak times. I mean, yes I’m on Twitter pretty much 24 hours a day, but at least it allows me to engage with others who are also isolating and to be able to support others.

So that’s my March

Love, Leo x


  1. Okay, I must definitely read The flatshare!
    Lovely post there, hoping you’ll be able to take this positivity through April too 🙂 Have a lovely month!

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