My Isolation Playlist

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Welcome back to my Blog!

For today’s post I’m going to share with you my isolation playlist, a list of ten songs that I have been religiously playing over the last few weeks whilst being in ‘quarantine’ from face to face contact. I’ve seen all over social media songs relating to being in isolation but that just seems like way too much work and a little tedious and instead I’d rather be listening to songs that I actually like if that makes sense? I’ve always had a great appreciation for music especially because it can be an outlet for our thoughts and emotions and so forth – so here goes! Let me know in the comments what music you’ve been listening to lately as well.

Little Mix – Wasabi

Disney’s Descendants – Queen of Mean

High School Musical – We’re All In This Together

Britney Spears – Born To Make You Happy

Hamilton – My Shot

LeAnn Rimes – Can’t Fight The Moonlight

Westlife – World Of Our Own

Lewis Capaldi – Hold Me While You Wait

Frozen 2 – Show Yourself

Panic At The Disco – Into The Unknown

So those are some of the songs I’ve been listening to whilst in isolation for the last two weeks, do you have any suggestions on what else I should be listening to as well so I can add it to my spotfiy playlist?

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Love, Leo x

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