My April Goals

Hello World 💙

Welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I will be sharing with you my 5 goals for the month of April that I hope to accomplish by the time May turns up knocking on our doors. I do think as well that setting goals and aims during the lock down that we are currently in is even more important for not just maintain productivity in isolation but also to encourage balance and stability with our mental health as well. I always tend to have a couple of goals, that are personal to me, but are also manageable with the likelihood that I should be able to accomplish them – the reason being is why set goals that you know you can never do? Or the goal being utterly impossible, the only thing this will lead to is further despair and depression and further isolation of our own needs. So sit back and check out my 5 goals for this month, do you have any goals? If so leave a comment below with them, I’d love to know what you’ve got planned to do as well.

1) Start a bullet journal

I’ve always been a little skeptic about the concept of bullet journalling, I just didn’t get it nor do I see the point in it, I mean a journal is a journal right? It wasn’t until I read an article recently on bullet journals which explained the reason and the idea of how to accomplish it that my mindset in fact began to change. I would find myself looking at Instagram posts from other bloggers who do these bullet journals and they look so fresh and clear and quite frankly beautiful – I figured after reading the article and looking at the how to guides I thought I could actually give this a go. I’ve now finished week 2 of isolation, I have at least 10 more weeks before I can have face to face contact again (unless this changes based on the advice from the NHS and UK government) and suffice to say I hate feeling so unproductive. Most days I’m up at 11 am, I either stay in my pyjamas or have a shower in the late afternoon and by that time I’ve lost most of the day. So by having this journal I hope to be able to have a bit more structure in my life, I mean my lifestyle currently just isn’t healthy for my physicality or either for my Mental Health. I’ve managed to order this really cute bullet journal set which contains a lot of positivity stickers – have to wait a few days before it arrives – but when it does, I’ll post an image of it on my Instagram and Twitter so make sure to follow me to see my attempts at bullet journalling. For anyone that wants to read the article I’ve mentioned, check out the link here.

2) To work on my pinterest engagment

Its safe to say that I suck at Pinterest, I’m probably the worst blogger in the history of bloggers when it comes to Pinterest and trying to engage and to promote myself on Pinterest. I mean there are so many bloggers on Twitter who go on and on and on about Pinterest, and when they offer advice its all ‘You must pay me first before I tell you.’ I mean, how is that fair? Everyone started at the same time, all I want is a quick tip and so forth, and Pinterest is the one type of social media that bloggers can be utterly vial towards others. If a blogger wanted my help, I would do anything possible for them and I just think its a shame that there are so many who wouldn’t and I find it somewhat selfish. So when it comes to Pinterest I’m definitely stuck, but I refuse to give up and I will win this war even it takes me years to do so. So for the month of April, I plan to Pin all of my blog posts with multiple hashtags onto my Pinterest board – hopefully people will see it and engage, I have noticed already linked engagement on my blog stats that people are slowly engaging with my Pinterest to access my blog which is amazing. This tends to happen a couple of times a week – I hope this will be more by the end of the month. Also I’m following more people on Pinterest as well as engaging with other pins and saving them onto my board – if that makes sense. This is definitely now a battle I can win straight away, but it is something that I will continue to use and to work on.

Ps. If you could follow me on Pinterest I would be utterly grateful 💙

3) To publish a blog post at least 3 times a week

For my third goal this will be in correlation with my bullet journal in order to main productive with a positive outlook towards my blogging aspirations for the future. Like I said, I’m isolating for at least another 10 weeks, so instead spending everyday on Netflix or Disney+ I might as well use my time more wisely and to work on the content that I use when it comes to publishing later posts. I also think aiming for at least 3 blog posts per week is definitely manageable – any more my brain would probably be fried and the content most likely lacking. I’d rather work on more exciting content and for it to have a certain quality behind it rather it be bleugh. So make sure you are following my blog for my all of my latest posts.

4) Read 2 books

Honestly, it really did take me a long time to appreciate the importance of literature, especially as a means to engage our creativity, our vocabulary knowledge as well as it being a source of great entertainment. Within the final weeks of March, I was lucky to be gifted on my Amazon wish-list with several books that have now been added to my reading pile. Now I’m not a book blogger, I’ve never once claimed to be, but to be given these gifts have truly made me so gloriously happy.

With everything I have planned this month, and the fact that I’m now obsessed with Animal Crossing, my goal for April is to read 2 of my new books – I’ve always found it easy to read a book, I’ll often read one book in one day, but I really want to learn to appreciate books more instead of rushing to get to the end because of my impatience. I’m also always on the hunt for more books, so if you are currently reading something new and you think I might like it, leave a comment below with the book title a little synopsis. Maybe we could start a little book club?

5) To have the cutest island ever on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I AM OBSESSED!!!!!!!!!

Literally my island is so cute, my person is wearing this cute little egg outfit and she is just strolling around like the utter QUEEN she is. I’m so glad I decided to buy myself a Nintendo Switch so I could play Animal Crossing, it has definitely helped me when it comes to filling in the hours of boredom. And its safe to say my person is such a stockpiling hoarder – like if I can’t do it at the supermarkets, might as well do it on Animal Crossing. If you want to add me, my friend code is: SW-7916-4930-6980. Currently, I’m paying the last of my loan on my first house so I can get my ladder and new friends living on my island and I am so excited!!

So those are my goals for April 💙

Love, Leo x


  1. I hope to read more this month, too. I’m hoping with all the time I have now that April will be a good month to get stuff done!

    Al x


  2. These look like incredible goals for the month! I hope to read more this month and work on Pinterest as well! Just beginning college again, I would love to incorporate a gratitude journal in my daily routine too.

    Just made sure I was following you over there and on Twitter! Best of luck with your April goals!


  3. I love seeing stack of books, it warms my heart! I really want to buckle down and read at least one this month. I’d like to start a bullet journal too but they intimidate me. I can’t write pretty or draw so I guess I’m screwed hah. Good luck with your goals!


  4. Aww I just made the egg costume, and I love it so much! 🥰 I just started playing the game (on Wednesday), but I am adoring everything about it! 🙃


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