GUEST POST | How to Avoid Quarreling During Quarantine

Hey everyone,

How are you all? How’s isolation going? I hope you’re finding ways to keep yourself entertained and you’re coping as well as you can in the current situation. Just remember by staying home, you’re doing your part to protect the people most vulnerable and kill this stupid coronavirus off.

Personally, I’m rather enjoying the whole working from home routine. Of course, I hate the reason why this is all happening, but I love the fact that instead of an hour commute it’s a 30 second journey out of bed and down the stairs to my desk. I also like the fact that I’m able to see my cat and my girlfriend more, and enjoy spending more quality time together. By the way, If you were wondering who the absolute stunners are in this post’s header photo, I’m the brunette on the left, and my girlfriend, Faye, is the blonde on the right. Those photos of us messing about, making weird faces for the camera were taken a couple of months ago (such simpler times now!), and reminds me of how well we get on, and how comfortable we are being silly together. Despite the fact we get on so well, us both working from home has proven to have its challenges. We don’t live in a particularly big house, so it can be easier than usual to irritate each other and bicker. I’m certain we’re not the only ones having this problem. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this, being stuck indoors with your loved ones all day every day, with the only escape being an occasional trip to Tesco. With this in mind, I’ve decided to put together some tips on how to avoid bickering and quarrelling during quarantine. Well, as much as you can avoid it!

Respect each other’s space.

Try your best to not to work and relax together all of the time, if you can help it. Work in different rooms, or if that’s not possible, at the opposite sides of the same room. This means that you’re not working on top of each other and are able to focus rather than getting on each other’s nerves with keyboard tapping or noisy video conference calls. I know it’s difficult to keep to the same routine in the current situation, but ensure you have some alone time if you can get it whilst under the same roof as your partner/family. For example, my girlfriend will usually play on the PlayStation whilst I do my writing with headphones in. It’s only natural to drive each other crazy if you’re spending 24 hours of the day with each other, so try to get the space you need in order to get on with the people you live with!

Find new ways to have fun together.

You might be used to venturing outdoors to a pub or club to entertain yourselves, but this isn’t an option at the moment. Therefore, take the opportunity you have in that you’re getting to spend more time with the people you love; don’t waste it being at each other’s throats. For some inspiration, here are some ideas for having fun together indoors:

games together. For example, I’ve been playing on the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch with my girlfriend. Board games and puzzles are also a fun thing to do, or even games on your phone.

  • Watch your favorite films or TV series together.
  • Get creative. Perhaps you could decorate the house. Do some drawing or painting. What better time do you have than now to do some of your favorite hobbies together?
  • Use your allocated daily walk to get out together and walk around somewhere scenic (but stay away from others!).
  • Relive memories. Today I had a bit of a sort out of the bedroom with my girlfriend, getting rid of old clothes and sorting out paperwork. It was nice to find old photos and other reminders of old times and have a good reminisce together.

Get a housework schedule going.

If you’re working from home like myself, you’re probably going to be making more of a mess than usual around the house. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t focus in a messy environment, so I’ve definitely had to keep on top of housework more regularly than usual. If you’re cohabiting and one person isn’t pulling their weight, i.e. not washing up their things after lunch, or not tidying their make shift desk up after working hours, it can be annoying! One way to solve this might be to set up a schedule. My girlfriend and I make sure we take it turns to wash up throughout the day, otherwise it just builds up and we will both avoid doing it if there’s a mountain of dirty stuff! It’s especially important to keep up hygiene standards to avoid contracting the coronavirus, so keep on top of the cleanliness of your household to avoid both conflict and COVID-19.

Do something nice for those you live with.

It’s a stressful time for you, of course, but it’s also a stressful time for those you live with. Make a simple gesture to show you care and keep the peace. This could be as basic as making a cup of tea or offering to make dinner. No doubt they will appreciate the effort you’re making!

If do you end up having an argument, try to appreciate half the reason you’re probably arguing is due to being stuck inside together all day, and try to resolve the issue quickly and fairly.

We’re living in a really strange time, and it’s understandable that we might get angry and frustrated by the uncertainty, and being cooped up inside. It can therefore be easy to take these frustrations out on those around us, I know I’ve been guilty of that myself. So, if you decide to pick a fight, I strongly advise taking a step back and really thinking about the reason you’ve initiated it. Sometimes the argument is really not worth it. No one wants a bad atmosphere lingering in a house they’re going to be spending the majority of the time in. If there’s something you’re not happy with, communicate that in the clearest way you can, and listen to each other. Respect each other’s grievances and opinions, in order to resolve the issue calmly and quickly.

I know it’s virtually impossible to never argue when you live with someone. It’s especially difficult not to get on each other’s nerves at the moment when tensions are particularly high. All I’m suggesting is that now is the time to be there for each other, and support each other more than ever. We need to rely on each other to get through this depressing time, and to do that we need to stay on the same side. Be kind, be patient, and look after each other.

Keep safe everyone.


Bekka is a 23 year old graduate from Lancaster University, trying to navigate her way through adult life. She currently lives with her girlfriend, Faye, and her cheeky ginger mog, Henry. On her blog you can expect to see posts about her time at university, her experiences as a queer person in the UK, and the other random bits of my life she likes to share! Make sure to follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


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