GUEST POST | Tips For Getting Through Isolation During Covid-19

Hey Beauties!!

Is anyone getting cabin fever yet?! I know alot of you out there are struggling staying in. For me, having health issues I’m used to being stuck in for weeks at a time. But to the normal everyday person going to work ect, this is a huge change.

In this post Im going to give you some of my top tips for keeping yourself busy and getting a routine.

Tip #1 Make Your Bed

Every single morning (or afternoon don’t judge haha) when I get out of bed, I fold the quilt back, straighten and fluff up the pillows making it look tidy so it can air out for the day. I just find having a tidy bed sets me right for the day.

Tip #2 Make List’s

On a sunday night I sit down an write down what needs doing around the house, what school work the sprogs have to do ect and I spread everything out over mon-fri. This way I have a set routine for the week giving me that little bit of normality. I even plan what I’m making for meals ect throughout the week.

Tip #3 Make Sure You Have ‘Me Time’

With the kids being home 24/7 it can get overwhelming trying to keep them busy, not bored, entertained. Extra tidying and washing/ironing may increase. But it’s really important not to forget about yourself. Even if it’s once or twice a week on a set night, put them to bed a little earlia, run yourself a hot bath, get that glass of wine (Or for us tom boys get a pint!) and relax. Whatever it is you like doing when you have time to yourself do it!!

Tip #4 Theme Night’s

Pick a night a week and get all the family to skype in and create a differet theme each week. Eat together, laugh, drink, everything you’d normally do but in your own homes.

Tip #5 Hobbies

Always wanted to learn a new skill?? Now’s the time!! Maybe you don’t have children or maybe they’re old enough that they don’t hang on your hips so much haha well use that time to learn something new. We’ve recently got into cooking veggie/health snacks and we plan on starting to learn sign language!! Make the most of the spare time.

That’s my top 5 tips!! I hope you find them helpful and I hope that in all this maddness you stay safe.

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

Rhiannon is a Welsh blogger from South Wales. She write’s about her life giving you an inside look at her ‘Chronic Life’ fighting different health issues raising awareness and helping other’s along the way. She reviews products from all over the world and like’s to experiment with makeup. Subscribe and join her family of Beauties.

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  1. Lol I like this post of course. But my 5 boys do not make it easy for me to have any alone time. Otherwise I already do all on your post but the time to myself part.


  2. I love this! This is the first week I’ve really been making my bed properly with cushions and blankets etc and I can’t quite believe the difference it has made to my state of mind. Something so simple and so effective. I definitely need to get better at sorting my lists out and not setting too much!


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