HONEST REVIEW | If I Never Met You

When Laurie is dumped by her partner of eighteen years, she’s blindsided. Not only does she feel humiliated, they still haven to work together. So when she gets stuck in the lift with handsome colleague Jamie, they hatch a plan to stage the perfect romance. Revenge will be sweet…

Hello World πŸ’œ

Welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I’ve decided to give you my honest opinion on Mhairi McFarlane’s novel If I Never Met You – a novel that I genuinely love and was hooked on from the very beginning, I mean I couldn’t and wouldn’t even put the book down until I had reached the end of the story.

Our story has two main characters Laurie; a strong, successful and powerful woman, and Jamie; a dashing, courageous and manipulative individual who doesn’t give a monkey’s about stepping on people’s toes in order to get what he wants for his career. Now I don’t want to give too much away, this story is very complex and holds a variety of subplots but essentially the cusp of the story begins with Laurie’s partner breaking off their eighteen romance, we later find out that the other woman is pregnant – something that Laurie always wanted but her partner did not. Which is why this plot for revenge comes in and I totally live for this! If something like this happened to me, I would definitely be going after revenge – and this prick certainly deserves everything that comes to him. And this revenge plan is where Jamie comes in, her suave and womanizing colleague who sees a mutual benefiting opportunity, to fake a budding romance with Laurie so he gets partner in their law firm, whilst Laurie gets to rub their relationship in her exes face.

Their fake relationship is brilliant, from meeting family members, to dealing with problematic exes, to the publicizing of relationships on Social Media – the story itself just feels so real and relatable, especially in regards to the opinions of mixed race relationships and trying to find your true self after eighteen years of predictability and feeling safe. There are so many highs and lows within this novel and McFarlane goes into such great depth to allow the reader to see the inner most fears between our two main characters, they are far more than the character they put on in the work place – in the end, these two characters have their own faults, fears and are both desperate to be loved and to be accepted for who they are, warts and all. When the reader gets to meet Jamie’s family and loved ones, you just find yourself loving him even more and you even find yourself respecting him despite him using Laurie. You find yourself at every point rooting for these two characters, for them to find their happiness and to reach their dreams for the future – most importantly for Laurie to be able to accept her pain and instead of it smothering her, and to allow her to push for greater things instead.

This novel is a true romantic comedy at its very core and I have loved every minute of reading it, would I like to know what Laurie and Jamie do next? Of course I do, but the ending itself leaves it perfectly up to the imagination of the reader, and for me, this makes it one of the best novels I have read in 2020.

If you haven’t already, you should definitely read it! You can buy it on Amazon here and its currently 99p on Kindle – BARGAIN! If you’ve already read the novel, what are your thoughts on it? Make sure to leave a comment below πŸ’œ

Love, Leo x


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