The 5 things we ALL should do after COVID-19 Lockdown

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Welcome back to my blog! On my page I’ve spoken previously about the things I want to do after lockdown as well as offered suggestions of activities we can all do to ease our worries and anxieties. But for today I want to focus on the 5 things we ALL should be doing after lockdown, in particular for both of our physical and mental well-beings because for many of us lockdown has and still continues to be difficult. So instead of focusing our concerns on the present, the best thing we can all do is plan for our near distant future.

So check out my 5 ideas and if you have any other suggestions that I haven’t mentioned, please let me know in the comments below:


This is probably one of the most important things we should be doing after lockdown, I mean sure FaceTime is great and all, but being able to be physically close to loved ones is so vitally important and for me I didn’t realize how much I missed family members, friends of the family, as well as my really small close nit group of friends. The other day I saw my Auntie for the first time since her birthday – this being in the first week of March and it is now the end of April – I was in my car when I saw her at her front door, because we managed to find flour and she needed some so we dropped it off (just incase you were wondering) but just seeing her at her door bought up so many emotions that kind of blindsided me. Unlike so many others, because I live at home currently I get to see my Mum and Nan everyday, but being unable to see the rest of your family took a much greater toll on me. For me and many others, after lockdown just being able to have a proper home cooked meal with family members would be one of the things I’ll be looking forward to the most. Or even having a great family barbeque reunion (if its the summer – or if its winter? Pub feast I reckon) with the family and extended family would be something that I would definitely want.


With how the projected STATS are looking towards our economy and the hit of so many businesses going into administration I do think its incredibly important that when we are able to we should be supporting local businesses over much larger corporations – the ones with billionaire owners who have now turned to government bailouts and furloughing staff because they are so goddam selfish and self-centered to support their workers with their own money. Even now in lockdown, we should be spending more time supporting local businesses, they have families and they need to be able to support them as well as us. Something that my family have been doing during lockdown is that we’ve begun to use a local farm shop, for our weekly essentials with regards to fruit, meat and vegetables and so forth. In addition, we’ve always had a weekly Saturday night takeaway (even before lockdown), and instead of using the big named fast food outlets like Dominos and Pizza Hut, again we’ve been using local Indian Restaurants and even our local Pub who have only recently set up a delivery service of their main food menu. The money that we have should be used wisely in order to support those who are going to be most impacted which will in turn be paid back with employing others in the area who may have lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus. So its a big WIN-WIN for us all.


We all need a holiday, that’s for sure! So many of us have had to lose their holiday’s as a result of coronavirus and after battling this for so long we all deserve a treat. Even if you don’t have a lot of money and can’t necessarily go abroad, you can always have a staycation or go on a long weekend trip to see different part of our glorious country – again using smaller independent B&Bs compared to the big branded hotels with the billionaire owners! I’ve already got a list of B&Bs I want to try out because of how much I’ve been binging Four In A Bed on a daily basis, thank you More4.


Whilst the majority of us have been stationed at home, thousands of others have been working on the frontline – be that in hospitals, supermarkets, schools, delivery warehouses, waste removal sites and care homes etc. They have been working tirelessly, putting their own health at risk, having to stay away from family and loved ones – whilst we are sat on the sofa watching another Netflix series. I do think we should be spending more of our time showing our gratitude towards these individuals, either buying them a drink at the local pub, paying for some groceries, donating to charities in their name or hospital wards, or simply just saying ‘thank you’. I think you’ll be surprised which how much those two words mean to those who are key workers, I may of accidently made the cashier at Asda cry for saying ‘thank you’ after I bagged my groceries and asked her how her day was – this may seem hypocritical after saying we buy the majority of stuff at the local farm shop, but this girl needs her coca cola caffeine fix and they don’t sell it at the local farm shop! Sometimes its just the little things are exactly what is needed in this world.


I mean, yes I’ve been at home instead of at the workplace since schools were closed two weeks prior to the Easter Holidays – but this doesn’t mean I don’t need to have a much needed Mental Health Day after lockdown. When it comes to my own BPD, there is really only so much I can do with regards to handling my stress levels, anxieties and panic attacks whilst at home. The only time I will leave the house now is if I need to do a quick grocery run, which at the max is something I tend to do every two weeks or so. So for me, a lot of the places or activities I would do or go for my Mental Health, is now impossible to do. This means that after lockdown, I will be spending as much time as I can at the local gym – not to lose weight but because I really love swimming and I miss it so much, swimming literally does cleanse my mind and body of all the crap that is going on in my head and it also gives me the opportunity to consider alternatives to solutions I may not of thought of if it hadn’t been for swimming.

Those are the 5 things that I think we should all be doing once this lockdown is over, with an insight of how I will be tackling these for my own physical and mental health. Do you have any other suggestions that I haven’t considered? Leave a comment below 💜

Love, Leo x


  1. Lovely ideas. One thing I am looking forward to is getting in the car and driving somewhere for a walk. I can’t wait to book an air BnB and have a night of rest and relaxation without children and with different walls!!

    I also really want to go and shop on the high street, I am not a huge shopper but oh boy do I feel the urge to shop!


  2. I’m absolutely planning a night in the city when this is over – a day wandering the stores and museums and whatever, then a night in some comfy hotel with room service and wine. Just to get out of the house (I’m wrapping up month 2 of lockdown).


  3. #3 hands down. I’ve actually been trying to do the other things while in quarantine. Zoom calls with family, doing one thing for myself every day and supporting local business. Great read!


  4. Great ideas. I am going to have to work hard on my mental health once this is over. My anxiety has escalated and of course, I am now avoiding people, after years of teaching myself not to! I am going to have to unlearn these lockdown habits and work hard to fight my anxiety again. I cant wait to reconnect with friends, and hugs, oh my word I am going to hug everyone and everything!!!


  5. This was a great post! I hope we would all do these things as they are extremely important and should have been done before COVID. Unfortunately life gets the best of us and we allow the important things to pass us by. I’m definitely planning a mental health day lol


  6. Great post! There are some really good ideas here. I’m definitely looking forward to being able to physically see members of my family for sure.


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