My April Favorites

Hello World πŸ’œ

Welcome back to my blog! I cannot believe that another month is nearly over, however with how 2020 has been so far? The quicker we reach 2021 the better to be honest! For today’s post I wanted to share with you all some of my favorites from this month – from self care, to video games, literature and television. All views are my own and I will be offering my honest opinion on each item! What have you loved so far about the month of April? Let me know in the comments below πŸ’œ

Nintendo Switch + Animal Crossing

Growing up, I was never really much of a gamer and would often prefer reading and watching television and movies compared to spending hundreds of pounds on gaming consoles and their accompanying games – due to being brought up in a single parent household, there wasn’t much disposable income for me to be gifted these items for birthdays or even at Christmas. However since being in lockdown, I’ve found myself itching to do something other than watch Netflix and seeing so many people tweeting about Animal Crossing, I was definitely intrigued by the whole idea and though why not? I’m off work, the money I would use for petrol on a weekly basis could be put towards a Nintendo Switch Lite – I can’t go out to the local high-street or shopping center and spend a stupid amount at Primark, so why not buy the Switch. And I did. Its probably the best thing I have ever bought in my life, I managed to get a bundle deal with the turquoise Switch Lite which came with Animal Crossing so I was able to save a little bit of money and for the past month I have been playing Animal Crossing every single day and I’m still not bored! I’ve found it to be such a great way to ease my anxieties and worries of being High Risk to COVID-19 by focusing my attention on creating the cutest little island ever. I even named it after Arendelle, the home of Elsa and Anna from Frozen – at some point I’m going to find a way to build an ice castle to put on one of my Mountains and just be the utter sass queen that Elsa is during Let It Go.


By now you’ll know that I am OBSESSED with Disney and having this subscription service has been one of my highlights of the entire lockdown experience, I mean just being able to stay up into the early hours by binging classic Lizzie McGuire episodes is like perfection. And also, the amount of movies that you get on this platform, I had no clue were actually owned by Disney – like 10 Things I Hate About You!! I was literally living my best life when watching that movie cause I’ve been waiting for YEARS for that movie to come on Netflix and now I have it on Disney+.

Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back

Joe Lycett is definitely one of my favorite comedians at the moment, his charm and charism gives me so much life! I was so happy that his TV show: Got Your Back returned to Channel 4 this month – if you haven’t seen it, its like a consumer rights program but on steroids. The things he does for the rights of consumers and local businesses against the millionaire corporations in my opinion, should put him on the list to receive royal honors. For example, dressing up as the God Hermes and delivering himself to the Hermes delivery company due to them selling items instead of delivering the goods was CLASSIC. Even his sidekick Mark Silcox is a genius, wanting to get the best bargains at a supermarket by rolling himself on a skateboard to get items on the floor was hilarious. If you haven’t seen it, YOU NEED TO!

Online Schooling via The Open University

I’ve spoken about this before on my blog this month but I wanted to mention it again because you shouldn’t be letting lockdown stop you from wanting to achieve or to even consider career changes once restrictions are over. The Open University offers THOUSANDS of free courses on hundreds of topics that you can complete, you even get a certificate at the end, each of these courses are linked to a foundation, bachelors, masters and PHD degree level courses that you can later apply to do via distance learning. I’ve been doing about 5 so far and I’ll certainly be doing more whilst on lockdown because I refuse to let COVID-19 impact my mind and future.

Nivea Face Creams

I’ve spoken about my love for the Garnier Tissue Bomb Face Masks which I am in AWE of, but my latest find when it comes to skin care is the latest Nivea Range for dry and dull skin. In Asda you can get a pack of two for just Β£1, each pack has just the right amount for an even coverage of skin cream for you face. All you do is spread the cream onto the face, wait for 15 minutes, once the time is up all you do is get a cotton swab and remove any excess cream. That is all. Since using the creams in the morning, my skin has been left so soft and clear, my face genuinely feels like a babies bottom right now!

Pink Hair Don’t Care

I’ve been dying my hair for about 13 years, ever since I found a grey hair from the stress that bullying and GCSEs caused whilst at school. I’ve always opted for rather darker colours, either darker browns, purples and I’ve even gone a dark red. I’ve never gone stupidly drastic with my hair colouring, especially with being a teacher, cause you have to look somewhat respectful, so I figured with lockdown happening that I would go a little crazy and I would dye my hair PINK! Yes you read that correctly, a girl who isn’t really that girly and doesn’t really like the color pink is going to dye her hair pink. I’ve chosen a pastel mauve color and it looks so pretty and I cannot wait to see how it looks on my hair. Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter because I will be posting an image of my new pink hair once I dye it in the next few days. I’m currently doing a conditioning treatment just to help with dryness at the moment, hence why I haven’t done it yet!

Mhairi McFarlane

One of the best authors I’ve come across in the recent months has to be Mhairi McFarlane – her stories are so relatable and don’t feel as if they are just make belief or opting for a basic happily ever after – but instead are complex with real characters who battle with genuine everyday issues, such as; pregnancies, breakups, new relationships, unemployment and race. And if you haven’t done so, you should definitely check out her novels and get yourselves some, you will not be disappointed.

Also check out a review blog post I did of one of her novels here!

Bullet Journalling + Stickers

I am obsessed with bullet journalling and using journal stickers, my favorite part of Sundays are now about completing my weekly journal plan – about what my weekly goals will be, how I plan to improve in the following week and using a bullet journal is so simple and easy to use – even someone who always struggled with the idea of righting in a diary – the concept of bullet journalling has made a really positive impact in wanting to be productive and active whilst in quarantine.

Those have been my monthly favorites. Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts on them? Leave a comment below πŸ’œ

Love, Leo x


  1. Love love love your point about the Open University. I’ve been taking classes on Skillshare using their free trial, but I never even considered the OU would have free courses! I’ll deffo be checking that out πŸ™‚


  2. I’ve heard so much about Animal Crossing. It is great that it helped take your mind off the recent news and everything. I need to start taking advantage of Disney+!! It is great that you’ve been doing online schooling as well. I need to finish my own training! Thanks for sharing your April faves!

    Nancy β™₯


  3. I can’t believe we are at the end of another Month. The fact that May is a few days away seems really really odd now, like April didn’t happen almost.

    You’ve been using our time well, the OU free courses are such a great idea!


  4. These are all great favourites! I love seeing everyone’s favourites posts because it makes me happy knowing people are still finding the good during this time!
    Al x

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  5. Great post! My sons have been enjoying Animal Crossing themselves. They and one of their girlfriends seem to be playing it all the time when they have breaks from their essential jobs. Good for you to take classes. I just split the cost of Master Class with a friend and signed back up. It’s professional development since I one day hope to write full-time. I like authors who are realistic too. Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I LOVE Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back! The whole thing with Hermes was just genius and I’m sure loads and loads of us were glad to see them caught out! I also really liked the Boohoo thing from a couple of weeks ago too πŸ˜‚ xx


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