5 Goals we can all use for Isolation in May

Hello World 💜

Welcome back to my blog! Before I get started I just wanted to say a massive Thank You to everyone that has viewed, liked, commented on my last post about 30 activities to do whilst in lockdown – the readership I’ve received, the huge BOOM in my personal STATS as well as the continuous spread of my post through Twitter has just just blown my mind and I will be eternally grateful to you all for everything. Unlike others, I don’t treat my blog as a business, I make zero money instead the focus has always been about having an outlet for my thoughts and emotions whilst battling borderline personality disorder – so due to so many reading my last post, I just have a lot of emotion and I hope that you continue to support me.

But anyway, back to today’s post!

We are now officially in the 5th month of 2020: MAY! And to be honest, since being in lockdown, I feel as if all the days in the week have just merged into this never ending long weekend. Thankfully, none of my family have caught coronavirus or have died from this horrific pandemic, but unfortunately I do know others who have lost friends and relatives and my heart breaks for each and every one of you. However whilst being in this dark and uncertain time, I do still feel as if we do need to find the positives, every morning we wake up and its a brand new daily – a chance for change and new possibilities.

“When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine”

In the spirit of change and possibilities, my blog today is all about the 5 goals we can all use whilst staying home and staying safe during COVID-19 lockdown.

Number 1 | Literature

Every educator knows that the more books a child reads, the more words they know, words that they can use to vocalize their dreams, their goals, their thoughts and fears. And its the same for adults. Reading allows us to feed our imagination, from a bland meek void to a universe filled with color, wonder and change. Being in quarantine is the perfect time to fall in love with literature either fiction, non-fiction or even both. The amount of books available to use is limitless, yes we cannot go to our local libraries at the moment and borrow a book for free, but what you can do is download the Amazon Kindle App on you phone or device FOR FREE. They have thousands of books in a variety of themes and subjects that you can access from the safety of your own home all of which are free -and if need be, they have many books that are 99p and less in order to HELP you stay productive and occupied whilst in lockdown.

Number 2 | Education

I haven’t chosen this goal because I’m a teacher, for me this goal is important for so many other reasons – the main being that every person in this world deserves the chance to have an education, to be able to build on the skills that they already have in order to excel so they can be the best person that they can truly be. I have praised the Open University on several occasions during lockdown, especially because of the amount of free courses they have available. You need to take advantage of this time we have so YOU are ready for when restrictions are lifted so you can be the person you are supposed to be.

Number 3 | Plan

Even in lockdown, we still need to find a way to stay motivated and the best way to do this is to plan your week, either with a bullet journal or just a daily To-Do list, yes it may not be as detailed as life before lockdown, but it still gives you a point of reference of the activities you can do during the day such as meal planning. Without my bullet journal, I probably would still be in the same pajamas and unwashed since the first day of coronavirus quarantine – having a plan has allowed me to still be me: human.

Number 4 | Mental Wellbeing

Uncertainty, loneliness and fear – emotions that every person in this world at this point in time are more than likely facing on a daily or weekly basis. Our Mental Health has never been so vitally important to help aid our physical health, we are all human and we are allowed to make mistakes and to ask for help. If you are struggling, its ok to speak up, you can still contact Samaritans on 116 123, you can still reach out to those on social media or even pick up the phone and message or call a friend and loved one. You are not alone, we are all here for you.

Number 5 | Self Care

This goal for me fits into Mental Wellbeing, we all deserve to give ourselves a break, a much needed time out to focus on ourselves with the self care that works for who we are for our Mental Health. This can be listening to music, writing in a diary, sending out letters, baking, having a pamper spa session, playing video games and so much more. We should all be using this time to learn to love ourselves and to appreciate the fact that we are all kick ass humans and that we are all awesome.

Those are my 5 goals for life in lockdown during the month of May, do you have any goals? Make sure to leave a comment below 💜

Love, Leo x


  1. These are really great goals. I’m definitely with you on self-care, mental wellbeing and planning. I’ve not done great at planning recently and I think I’m really feeling that lack of focus right now, so thanks for the reminder that I definitely need to get May sorted.


  2. All great goals for life as well as lockdown! I’m trying to read more and definitely take more time for self care when I need it. You’re so right as well, all the days have merged into one recently!


  3. These are all super important and great goals ♡ I really need to start reading more. I’ve been in a reading slump for such a long time and it’s super annoying! Planning is definitely important for me too. One of my goals is to be more consistent in life. I start things but give up quickly and I want to stop that!


  4. Love this list. Everything you’ve chosen is so so important. I think my main goal for may is to get better sleep and not burn myself out… and to feel less pressure to appear productive to others. That consumed April a bit!. Great blog xx


  5. Love this. I’ve been on the phone to my lecturers and self care us a real priority at the moment. At the end of the day assignments can be jiggled about but looking after ourselves and our wellbeing shouldn’t be second best. Hope you’re staying well x


  6. All the days are the same now right? Blursday everyday!

    Great goals, it is hard to set them with such uncertainty but it is really important to have some focus during this time x


  7. Yes, I whole-heartily agree to all of these. I am finding that I am always busy, but I’m getting into a routine. Still trying to change things up every now and then just so not to get caught in the day to day. Homeschooling my 4 kids has been my biggest priority but I am loving the time I take to write, be in the garden, and take long hot baths. Balance is hard, but it helps to prioritize needs and wants. I am planning a future trip as a creative outlet for fun, and if in a few months we still can do it we are going to turn it into a virtual adventure. It is good to have something to look forward to!


  8. I have actually been reading and writing more, it has really helped me during this lockdown. My other goal is self care which 8m working on. Thanks for the reminder


  9. Love all of these ideas! I’m trying to spend May more relaxed about things and not putting as much pressure on myself to be productive and do well. Thank you for sharing ☺️


  10. These are such good goals, and a fair few of them I am also trying to incorporate into my lockdown life! Loved this post 🙂


  11. I love this list! There are so many great goals on it, I know that I am definitely trying to read more during this lockdown though, and I’m really trying to improve my fitness by going on a lot more walks around my home. It makes sense to use this time to our advantage!


  12. These are great goals. Just today, I started reading a book from my childhood again and it’s so lovely to read the familiar story with ‘grown-up’ eyes. Now I understand why my mother read all of my childhood books along with me.
    My goals in May are to keep working on my blog, keep teaching as many students as possible online (I’m an independent language and Pilates teacher) and ideally find some new language students. I’m also going to keep up my regular exercise routine.

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  13. This post is great and I really love the goals that you’ve set yourself! As someone who is also battling BPD, my mental wellbeing hasn’t been great during these times. But the tips you’ve suggested really give me peace of mind and have made me rethink what my goals should be for this month. Really great post. X


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