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Hello World 💜

Welcome back to my blog! There are two things that I love; Supporting Local Businesses and Disney – My Pixie Dust offers both, this company sells a non-subscription monthly mystery box that is filled between 4-7 official Disney Items for only £29.99, however they typically have a 10% off voucher code if you follow them on Instagram and Twitter which means you only pay £26.99 for a selection of mystery Disney Items. I was sold! Anything to do with Disney and I am absolutely at the front of the queue, I’ll be honest, I only found out about this company because they followed me on Twitter which is the reason why their May box is the first one I have ever bought.

** I used my own money, this is my own personal review and in no way is this a collaboration.

All you do is pay for the mystery box, there is no signing up to a subscription service, it is just a one off box and if you decide to keep going, you buy the next box – I would advise waiting for the discount though! Before I go through each item – spoilers coming – I just wanted to say that I was disappointed with Hermes, the company that delivers the box, because my box arrived on my doorstep damaged. When I say damaged, the box itself was wide open and the fragile postal tape ripped off. I’ve gone through the items that I have and none seem to be damaged, but it is a major concern because who knows what this box could of come into contact with – or whether I got all of them items? Perhaps more secured packaging could be used?

Anyway, that’s the only issue I had. Back to the items!

90s film trivia quiz game

I love a Quiz, whether its on Buzzfeed or at the local Pub before lockdown happened and this trivia game looks pretty decent. You are given 100 questions on the ‘Golden Age’ of Disney: the 90s which means these questions will be on movies such as Hercules, Mulan, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King and the Little Mermaid etc. However the ‘Golden Age’? I think that could be up for debate, because there were some absolute crackers before and after the 90s, so I think I would prefer a Trivia Quiz on the entire Disney catalogue. But nevertheless, I cannot wait to play this game and you only need two or more players which is fab considering we are still under lockdown!

frozen ii gadget decals

I never been one to decorate a phone case, laptop, tablet or water bottle with stickers so I’m really not sure if I’m going to use these stickers. They are absolutely beautiful, you are given 26 and they are all waterproof and removable, and they are all in a variety of sizes. I just don’t think I’ll use them, which is a massive shame because I do love Frozen.

frozen ii backpack hanger

This backpack hanger would be perfect for a child’s school bag, Olaf is in his glittery best and everything – but can I get away with it on my bag? Maybe when I go back to Disney Land after lockdown!

3d puzzle eraser

I’ve always been curious about these sorts of mini mystery boxes that you see in toy shops and such, and I also love stationary so having a Toy Story themed rubber could be pretty useful. But I got Duke Caboom. Ffs. He’s like the worst character, guess I could go all old school and use my pencil to stab him in the eye or something?

woody mug and socks

I’ve seen this gift set before around last Christmas and I was super tempted to buy it, especially when in the New Years sale it was heavily reduced to around £1 in Boots – but I decided to buy a Voldemort face mask instead. Anyway, I love socks, especially when I get to wear a new pair, and I love a mug. This makes this set perfect item for me, so can I have another mug in my next box please??

genie egg cup

I don’t like boiled eggs, so it looks like I’m going to have to like them in order to use this egg cup. It looks really cute, on first inspection of the box I did assume that it would of been ceramic, but it is just cheap plastic which is a shame because it would of looked so much better otherwise. The Genie isn’t even attached to the flying carpet which I thought was a little weird as well, but other than that it looks pretty good.

That’s the Mystery Box from My Pixie Dust – if you fancy buying one for yourself, make sure to check out their website and to follow them on Instagram and Twitter for those essential discount codes. They only sell a limited amount of boxes and once they are sold out the only thing you can do is wait for the next month.

Have you bought one before? What were your thoughts? Leave a comment below 💜

Love, Leo x


  1. This looks amazing!!! Especially that trivia game, and who doesn’t love a mug and socks set?!?! I’m definitely going to look into this as a gift for my best friend, we always buy each other Disney gifts haha!!!

    Hermes delivered a book sub box to me damaged too only last week. So glad everything inside was in good condition:(

    Loved this overall. Very honest, excellent review!! Xxx


  2. Sorry to hear about your negative experience with the courier! That’s such a shame. Great review – I love Disney but not sure this box would be for me! Looks like I’d be great for younger people!


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