#LockdownSummer | 15 Ideas to beat Summer Boredom in Lockdown

Hello World 💜

Welcome back to my Blog! For today’s post I want to focus on our upcoming Summer 2020, the events, festivals, holidays and so forth that we would normally be doing have been unfortunately taken away because of our current health pandemic: Coronavirus. And yes, lockdown is slowly easing in parts, but we are still living in an inevitable bubble of the unknown and in some cases wondering if and when the second wave of the virus will begin. So with our regular Summer plans out of the window, I want to share with you 15 Ideas to beat Summer Boredom in Lockdown – these can be done by yourself in quarantine, with your newly formed social bubbles, or even via Zoom! So sit back and enjoy, and make sure to let me know in the comments below how you have adapted your Summer 2020 plans.

  1. Gardening – even if you don’t have your own garden or access to an allotment, you can still fill your house with colourful potted plants
  2. Create a summer reading list – Apps such as Amazon Kindle and Wattpad have thousands of free books to dive straight into
  3. Start a YouTube Channel
  4. Host your own Ministry of Sound Summer Rave via Zoom with friends and loved ones
  5. Go on a Picnic – either in the garden, indoors with a makeshift tend or even in the local park
  6. Cycle along the canal side, we have so many canals in the UK and they are the perfect place to go for a walk with or without family or the dog, or to even go for a bicycle ride
  7. Test out some new summer cocktail recipes, depending on preference these could be filled with alcohol or just a fruity non-alcohol contraption
  8. Create a scrapbook of memories – these could be of past holidays, events and memorable moments or even a scrapbook of moments of your time in isolation
  9. Give yourself a much needed pamper day
  10. Go on a socially distanced shopping trip to the High Street
  11. Try out some new Summer BBQ recipes, yum! All food tastes good drenched in BBQ sauce, right?
  12. Netflix / Disney + movie day
  13. Being furloughed, or just using holiday entitlement in isolation is the perfect time to do some home decorating or to even finish the DIY project you started months or years prior
  14. Am I the only one with a stupid amount of clothes that are rarely worn? Might as well take advantage of the time we have to do a massive clear out and to even have a revamp of bedroom storage Mrs Hinch style
  15. Learn a new skill – why waste the time we’ve been given? Make the most of it and try something new such as learning to cook, learning to sew or to even learn a new language

Those are my 15 Ideas to beat Summer Boredom in Lockdown – I’ll definitely be using my time prepping to go back to University to study Psychology in September! Eeek! I’m nervous but very excited for this new development in my life – in a future post I will be explaining my reasons for this so keep yourself peeled on Twitter for upcoming posts. Speaking of blogging in general? I’m in a bit of a funk of whether to continue with my page because I’m struggling with content ideas, has anyone else faced this before? How did you get out of it? Let me know in the comments 💜

Love, Leo x


  1. I love the picnic idea! And the gardening. I don’t have much space, so I just started an herb garden. Still waiting on some to sprout, but my basil is looking amazing! Also trying to level up my skills as you suggested. Thanks for the ideas!


  2. Love the ideas! I personally like to spend days reading and watching movies on Netflix. Sometimes I also do a pamper me day.🙂


  3. Great list! I’ve been really into gardening. It’s so relaxing!
    I also have to clean out all my extra clothes. I’m honestly not sure how I got so many.
    Thank you so much for sharing!


  4. I have been finishing my dissertation and its actually worked out pretty well having time stuck inside to finish it! But I have been loving pampering and making extra time for myself to relax too!


  5. Some fantastic ideas here, it is getting abit boring looking at the same 4 walls, but what you’ve provided here is some fantastic tips to keep yourself occupied during the crisis, I’ve just followed your blog as well 😁


  6. Hi, yes sometimes it can be hard to think of content ideas. I find that reading other blogs or checking out what’s happening on Twitter or Instagram helps. And one more thing to add to your awesome list of things to do during lockdown this summer is listening to audio books on Audible is a Great way to pass the time.


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