My Top 10 Disney+ Picks for June

Hello World πŸ’œ

Welcome back to my Blog! A couple of days ago I did a blog post about my favorite ten Netflix picks for the month of June and it was really well received by you all and I was even given a few suggestions on what I should watch next once I’ve finished Back With The Ex. With that being said I figured I would do something similar with Disney+ everyone’s favorite Disney subscription service – one of the best things to come out of lockdown is being able to binge watch the hell out of everything that Disney either created or owns.

Like my previous Netflix post, this one as well will be split into two sections: Film and Television, with a list of my five favorite picks for the month of June for both Film and TV. Besides who doesn’t love a good Disney binge? For those who’ve followed my blog and Social Media pages will now that I have a bit of an obsession with everything Disney. Even my facemask has Disney Villains on!!

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Do you have any others suggestions on what I should watch, or re-watch on Disney+? make sure to leave a comment below πŸ’œ I feel as if I can be a bit judgemental and biased on picking shows and films based on what I’ve seen before because I don’t want to be disappointed πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

**Side note: I will try and make these as spoiler free as possible

Top 5 Disney Television Shows


I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! It’s like a mixture of everything to do with Say Yes To The Dress but just Disney-fied. After watching every episode religiously, I’ve decided that I have to get married at Disney, I don’t care who to as long as its at Disney.


I’m still somewhat unsure on this series if I have to be honest, I felt that there was so much hype behind it that I did feel a little deflated when I first started watching it. But in the end I was definitely rooting for Ricky despite not really liking him with Nini, I just think he is way much better suited with Gina.


The final series was a bit meh, however I still cry when Miley removes the Hannah wig to show herself to the real world. Plus am I the only one who didn’t like Jake? He always gave me the creeps.


It has Raven Symone. You’re welcome.


I was obsessed with Phil of the Future as a kid, even now I find it absolutely hilarious. And the guy who plays Phil is just so handsome!!

Top 5 Disney Movies




How can you not love Moana? The soundtrack, the story, it is pure Disney magic.


The second movie is the BEST CHEETAH GIRLS MOVIE!!! That is all.


I absolutely love everything to do with High School Musical, however, Descendants to me has become my all time favorite DCOM. The three movies in this saga are just out of this world incredible, I genuinely have no bad words and I’m just utterly besotted with the story, the characters and the songs. Dove Cameron is just WOW!


These movies are so bad with regards to the storyline and how rushed the story seem to be, but the soundtrack certainly makes up for it. Zombies has definitely become a guilty pleasure of mine.

Those are my Top 10 Disney+ Picks for June – do you have any favorites? Let me know in the comments below πŸ’œ

Love, Leo x


  1. I LOVE High School Musical The Musical The Series!! I’m the same with Ricky though I just love his character so much and I just want him to be happy and while I like him with Nini I think he’d be happier with Gina (I hope they explore that in season 2)


  2. I so hope that the wedding show is on the Dutch Disney+ that looks so adorable! *crosses fingers* Will have to check later. I could use some cuteness. Great post, and I hope you enjoy your picks!


  3. This list comes at a perfect time. I’ve actually been scrolling mindlessly through Disney Plus trying to find something that caught my interest.
    I’ll give Descendants a try.

    Thank you for sharing!


  4. So many good films and TV shows. Hannah Montana was one of my favourites growing up along with Wizards of Waverley Place and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I remember coming home from school and watching these before dinner. I watched them again recently and I ws hit with strong nostalgia feelings. Great shows! Hercules is still one of my favourites Disney films to this day and I love watching it! Great list!!


  5. I love Hannah Montana. The girls have just started watching it again for a second time.
    I also really don’t like Jake!

    I want to watch Wizards of Waverley place with them but they can’t leave Hannah alone!


  6. I’ve been loving Disney+ recently. Rewatching all my favourite childhood shows has been so fun! I’ve also watched Frozen more times than I would like to admit!


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