Five Reasons Why Taking A Break Is Important For Our Mental State

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How is everyone? I feel kind of strange getting back into the blogging zone after being absent for the last month or so, but to be honest I needed a break, I was in desperate need of a much needed recharge. So why was I absent? I could answer this with a variety of different reasons; motivation, writers block, feeling disengaged and losing myself into a spiral of emotions.

For the last month, I haven’t checked my Twitter notifications or even engaged with comments on my blog because I just felt that I wasn’t interesting and that the content I put out had zero quality to it. For a long time I started to harbour jealous thoughts and feelings towards other bloggers who are excelling on STATS, working on collaborations and being able to turn their blog into a career – so many of these bloggers (who are lovely) started at similar times to me and also put out similar content to me and I just turned into this green eyed monster. I’ve even had to mute a lot of people who seem to have everything together because it just made me hate myself for not having my life together especially with only being a few months away from being 27.

But in actual fact, the things that we post only offer a small glimpse into a life of a person, majority of this being positive, instead of all the nitty gritty and the horrific self loathing that I was starting to face again. So as a result I had to take a break, I needed to figure out whether blogging was something I wanted to continue, whether I want my blog to be personal or whether I want to turn it into something more. My mental health has and will always take precedent over anything that I will do in the future and if I do something that harms me mentally, safe to say I have to make the decision to walk away, this would also including walking away from blogging.

The harsh reality is, I’m not business minded, I’m horribly illiterate when it comes to having fancy algorithms for websites and SEO just confuses me. But what I do know is that I like to write because I know this helps me and my mental state, becoming a figure that is not who I am is something I don’t want to become or want to even promote if it meant losing out.

So with that being said I do plan to rebrand by showing the true person that I am, warts and all, because being away for the last month has done me wonders for my mental health and I can now say for the first time in probably my entire life I feel genuinely happy. And I like it, I like it a lot. I mean, my rebranding might look like a 6 year old has done it, but at least it represents who I am.

So with being away and focusing on my mental health, I have established Five Reasons Why Taking A Break Is Important For Our Mental Health – all of these reasons are personal to who I am and my own diagnosis with Borderline Personality Disorder, but I’m pretty sure these can be easily adapted to any person. And with how the world is now, we all need to give our mental health the attention it deserves.

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Number one | You matter

Something that we fail to recognise is that the most important person in your life should be yourself, this shouldn’t be considered as vain or narcissistic, because if we fail and struggle to learn to love ourselves how on earth can we give love or friendship to another person. It’s ok to admit that you need time for yourself and if those around you can’t accept the importance of self care, they are not the right people for you to be around. A life should be filled with love and positivity and to recognise when pain and hurt is present so you have the necessary tools needed to remove the negativity.

Number two | re-evaluate goals

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a list of goals to accomplish in life. And it’s perfectly acceptable to have goals and dreams if they are manageable and realistic. Instead of having abnormal long term goals, try setting smaller monthly goals which you know you can achieve and still gain that sense of accomplishment. One of my goals this month is to read Jenny Colgan’s Five Hundred Miles From You – a book that has been sitting on my bedside table for weeks, I’ve just lacked the motivation to read any book.

Number three | remove the NEGATIVITY

Negativity is not healthy whatsoever for a positive mindset and you are perfectly in the right to remove any sense of negativity that could harm your progress of having a positive mental state. For starters, I’ve deactivated Facebook, I’ve muted people on Instagram and Twitter and have even gone as far as unfriending/unfollowing and even blocking. I don’t feel any sense of guilt or remorse, in fact I feel as if a huge burden has been lifted and I’m walking taller and happier as a result.

Number four | Ask for help

When you are struggling, it’s ok to say you need help and there are so many platforms and avenues you can go down now when it comes to asking for help. Even if it’s having a day sat alone watching movies, if it helps you, go for it!

Number five | focus on the things that make you happy

The activities and hobbies you have should be based on what makes you happy over what society deems it should be. If you like to binge Netflix, or sew, or go shopping, or collect figures, plane/train spotting , or even talking hours on end with the person you love, that’s ok because it makes you happy.

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I really love that picture and I feel as if it sums up my blog post, when we have those days which finds us finding it even more difficult to get up in the mornings and to carry on with life, and sometimes we just need a cuddle and for someone to tell us that in the end It’s all going to be ok.

So until next time,

Love, Leo x


  1. These points are SO important! When I went away the first week of July, I paid someone to maintain everything relating to my business so that I could unplug and unwind. While I can honestly say that I paid out more than I made that week (I’m not there yet in my business), it was 110% worth it. My husband and I agreed that we would just consider it a ‘business expense’. I have a week-long camping trip planned for September and I’m debating doing the same thing again.


  2. I love these tips! It’s so easy to get caught up in today’s hustle and bustle. But we owe it to ourselves to stop and reflect to see if what we’re doing is in line with our purpose and values.


  3. I love this! I’m thinking I need to re-evaluate my own goals for my writing, and you have given me the impetus to do so. Thanks so much!


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