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Hello World ❀

Welcome back to my blog! I need to start with a huge apology to my readers, I’ve been pretty absent and sporadic recently with regards to blogging and I’ve had a bit of an existential crisis on whether to continue and revamp my blog or to give up all together. And well I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a stubborn individual who hates to give up on a challenge – especially as writing has been such a relief mechanism for me during my dark days of battling BPD.

So I’m here to stay!! And I will be starting the process of revamping and rebranding my blog, so stay tuned and subscribe to see future updates and new blog posts. And if you haven’t already, make sure to follow me on both Twitter and Instagram.

So with that being said, I’m going to crack on with today’s blog post, a review of the latest August Subscription Box from MyPixieDust a personalised box of official Disney merchandise that arrives on your doorstep each month for only Β£29.99 – compared to the extortionate Bibbidie Boxes, MyPixieDust is a much more value for money box of goodies. The box you get has around 4-7 items that are a complete surprise and can be anything from games, mugs and bottles, bags, tshirts, funko pops etc. Anything you can think of Disney wise, you will more than likely find it in this box. And the greatest thing about this service is that you are supporting a lovely local business that positively interacts with their customers. The service you receive is second to none and the owners are always listening to the feedback of their recipients, such as changing of the delivery from the end of the month till earlier in the month, to give aways and to even giving options on what people want to see in the boxes via Instagram. In the July box, I answered one of their Instagram polls asking for Disney Villains and when I recieved my July box, inside was the most beautiful Ursula mug I have ever seen and it matched my Villains tshirt perfectly ❀

Every month I am super excited to see what I get, I genuinely feel like Christmas arrives that little bit early with a sprinkle of much needed Disney magic – magic that we definitely need during these uncertain pandemic times.

I will say, something that I would like to see in the future is maybe one style of box tailored of Princesses, one for Villains, one for Pixar, another for Marvel and lastly one for Star Wars. But as this is still a new subscription service, MyPixieDust has so much more potential for whats next in their future and their brand is starting to spread across Social Media via postings and word of mouth and I cannot wait to see what comes next.

So for today’s post I will be reviewing the items I recieved in my August box ❀ to see what I’ve received in previous boxes check out this post from May which was their FIRST box ever!

And for some insight into the above photograph, I was trying to take a cute box photo, but as soon as I opend the box my puppy jumped up and snatched away the alien to go and bury him in the garden πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ I managed to save him but he does have a few muddy prints but thankfully no doggy bites!!

** and yes I have a Monsters University blanket πŸ˜‚

Frozen 2 Water Bottle

I love a good water bottle, I have this fascination of collecting all sorts of bottles and mugs, espeically those that are Disney related. And this bottle is super cute, its a decent size so you’ll be able to get a good deal of water inside and the straw inside makes think of those Love Island bottles – however having an Elsa Frozen 2 bottle is much better compared to a lame overpriced Love Island bottle with haphazard lettering on.

Frozen 2 Anaa Bedside Light

I’m 27 in November and I really don’t need a night light!! But this light is super cute, I just have to think of an idea of what to do with her.

Toy Story Alien Pencil Case

Now this little guy had to be saved from my Puppy who has a bit of a thing for the aliens from Toy Story. A while back she had a dog plushie of one with a squeaker and it lasted about 30 seconds before it was completely destroyed. So therefore, I’m pretty glad I managed to save this alien from a similar fate. Typically this alien could be used as a pencil case, but it is also small enough to act as a travel make up or toilet case for those weekend aways with friends and loved ones.

Toy Story Electronic Stickers

I don’t often use stickers unless they are for my bullet journal but I’m sure I can find a place for these. The stickers in particular are of a fantastic quality and Toy Story is probably one of my favourite Pixar movies which is pretty ironic as my blanket is Monsters University.

Iron Man Plushie

I’m definitely more of a Marvel instead of a DC girl and this Iron Man Plushie is so cute and perfect for any sort of Marvel fan, young or old, but I do reckon this will find its way into a certain someones Christmas stocking this year!

Disney Movie Card Game

This card game has to be my favourite item from the August Box, I love a good Disney game and these card games are just incredible and so much fun. We’ve had two of these games already, one being a Villains and Princesses Personality Quiz and the others being a 90s Movies Quiz and I’ve loved playing both of those games so much! I’m definitely excited to play this in the next few days and with it being the classic movies with photographs you can easily play it with your family, children or adults. Besides who doesn’t love a bit of trivia? I know I do!

If you love Disney as much as I do, this is the perfect Subscription Box for you and unlike other boxes where you have a rolling direct debit contract, you can buy your boxes individually each month or buy additional boxes as gifts for the Disney Fan in your life, and if you use my discount code Belle10 you’ll save yourself 10% everytime you buy, compared to paying full price (Β£29.99) each month. So what are you waiting for? Use my code and get your box today! ❀

Love, Leo x

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  1. Ooh how did I know that there was a Disney merchandise box?! This is super cute! I absolutely love that little Anna light, and so funny that your puppy ran off with the pencil case πŸ˜‚ luckily no aliens were harmed! X


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